Learn about pet grooming and boarding for this holiday season!

The holidays can be a hectic time, and the pandemic doesn’t make life easier. Your pet should enjoy the feeling of getting cleaned up and having a comfortable bed to relax in while you’re away.

Planning for holiday travel?

It’s important that your special family members are safe and comfortable while you’re away. Do your research to ensure your pet is in good hands. There are many great boarding facilities in Pine City, MN.

For dogs, a good boarding facility will offer air-conditioned indoor runs and plenty of natural light. Your dog should also be able to enjoy fresh air in outdoor kennels and exercised on a daily walk. The facility should be the most comfortable environment away from home.

For cats, a good boarding facility will have separation from dog boarders to ensure a quiet, stress-free stay. They should also have plenty of climbing space, plenty of ventilation, a clean litter box, and a comfortable place to sleep.

Ready to pamper your pet?

Groomers help provide for the beauty, health, and welfare of your cherished pets. Many pet owners are unaware that a typical full-grooming consists of an external inspection, consultation with the owner, nail trimming & filing, ear cleaning, bathing, conditioning treatment, and styling.

You should be beaming with delight as you leave with your pets looking fresh, clean, comfortable, and stylish. Groomers take comfort in knowing that they are helping to add to the quality and longevity of that special relationship.

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